A kind of physical exercise method that is convenient for running everyday is an aerobic exercise or an anaerobic exercise. The definition of exercise is a kind of step, and the feet do not hit the ground at the same time. Through running, we can improve muscle strength, make the muscle mass properly return to normal levels, improve the body's basal metabolism, accelerate the burning of fat, and develop lean body mass. Running can not only burn fat, but if it is in the correct posture, it can also shape the body, especially to make the sagging hips become rounded. When running, the arm can exercise the muscles around the thorax, even if it is thin, it can become convex and backward. .
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Precautions for proper use of the treadmill

Since running on a treadmill is a passive run, the speed is all driven by the machine. As long as you can't keep up with the rhythm of the machine, you may cause wrestle, sprain or other more serious consequences. Therefore, safety is the most important consideration for those who use treadmills. Anyone who uses treadmills for the first time must first understand the function and proper use of each button or related accessory on the treadmill before starting to use it. Some patients with chronic diseases must be used with caution, such as high blood pressure, liver disease, heart disease, joint disease, pregnant women, etc., so as not to cause other side effects. Only healthy people, diseases that do not exacerbate the disease, or some diseases that require exercise, such as early diabetics, are recommended here.

During the running, the runner should pay attention to the ominous signals of his body, such as shortness of breath, chest tightness, headache or other discomfort. Don't indulge in other external things such as TV, music, etc. Keep a normal running posture, don't shake it from side to side. I need to know where I am on the treadmill every moment. Don't run barefoot or wear slippers, runners wear loose underwear and running shoes. For your own running indicators, if your physical condition is not suitable, do not deliberately force yourself to complete, let alone increase the running intensity, it is best not to increase the speed and slope at the same time, unless you are already skilled in running skills and training outdoors. The purpose of running.

Choosing a pair of suitable running shoes is very important for runners, because the feet are the point of all the pressure. If the running shoes are not suitable, it will bring a lot of unconscious or serious injuries. A pair of good running shoes can greatly cushion running. In the process of impact on the feet, knee joints, articular cartilage, meniscus, etc., running shoes are not to let you run faster, but to keep you running without injury. This is the meaning of running shoes. Running shoes can be roughly divided into cushioning/damping, support/stable, and control to cope with different running postures. The soles of the feet are also divided into normal arches, high arches, and flat arches. Therefore, each runner can choose his or her suitable running posture according to his or her own situation and purchase different types of running shoes.

Of course, there are other considerations, in a words: safety is always the first.

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The benefits of long-term running


Some people say that running is a cure, this is a bit exaggerated, but after a long period of running, the body does have many beneficial changes from the inside out. Let's take a look at the benefits of running together.

  1. Eyes: People who insist on long-distance running have a day and a little time to look into the distance every day. This is a good relaxation for the eyes. If you have school-age children at home, you can let him keep running every day, the chance of myopia. Will definitely lower.
  2. Neck, shoulders, spine: people who often sit in front of the computer will have more or less cervical vertebrae, shoulder problems, the correct running posture requires the back straight and relaxed, long-term adherence to the cervical spine and shoulder Discomfort has been greatly improved.
  3. The heart: insist on running will give you a strong heart and cardiovascular system function. The amount of oxygen delivered to various organs of the body is greatly increased while increasing the maximum oxygen uptake, and the quality of work of each organ is naturally greatly improved. In addition, the middle and long-distance running will accelerate the blood circulation, so that the coronary artery has enough blood to supply the heart muscle, thus preventing various heart diseases. Through the movement of the lower limbs, venous blood is caused to flow back to the heart, and intravenous thrombosis is also prevented.
  4. Blood: With a strong cardiovascular system, the blood quality of runners is better than ordinary people, the body's adaptive changes to long-term long-distance running can improve metabolism, reduce blood lipids and cholesterol levels.
  5.  The lungs and respiratory system: long-term long-distance running exercise to make the lung function stronger, increase lung capacity. Regular long-term long-distance running can develop the respiratory muscles of the lungs, so that the amount of ventilation increases and the lung function is enhanced.
  6.  Liver: Running can improve and eliminate fatty liver.
  7. Abdomen: adhere to long-term running can effectively remove the fat of the abdomen, so that you have a bodybuilding, flat belly.
  8. Waist, buttocks: running changes to the body first reflected in these two positions, many people have had such experience, after starting to run for a period of time, the weight has not been significantly reduced, but the body has improved significantly, especially the waist line Changed more beautifully.
  9. Knee: Running can improve the blood circulation of the whole body. It has a great effect on the knee. Although, when you start running, some people may feel that the knee is very painful, but with the gradual accumulation and strength exercises, the knees are It is getting stronger and stronger.
  10. leg muscles: people who often run muscle tissue will also change, after a period of exercise, you will find that the muscles of the legs will become very strong, bodybuilding.
  11. gastrointestinal: middle and long run makes people full of optimism, help to increase appetite, strengthen digestion, promote nutrient absorption, and greatly improve gastrointestinal function.
  12. whole body muscles: long-term long-distance running can strengthen the lungs of the respiratory muscles, heart muscles, neck muscles, chest muscles, arm muscles and muscles at the waist, buttocks, thighs, calves, feet, etc., so that the muscles are not easy to accumulate lactic acid Or metabolites such as carbon dioxide. Running can be said to be the basis of all sports and will have a positive impact on your participation in other sports.
  13. bone: long-term long-distance running can improve the strength of each joint, the softness of the ligament; and increase the strength and density of the bone, to avoid degenerative osteoporosis in the elderly.
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Persistently Running

It's not easy to do anything well, and it's not easy to do one thing consistently. The same is true for running, but persevering in running can indeed give us a set of physical and mental health and life goals. It seems that this is two different topics, but in the process of running with perseverance, we can receive certainly both.

Because of the randomness of the running process, in order to ensure a certain amount of exercise, runners often set a running goal for themselves, such as cross-country running one kilometers, two kilometers...... the playground running 10 laps, 20 laps and etc., due to the running process the physical strength is constantly increasing, and the self-confidence is getting stronger and stronger. When you complete the set goals, you will find that you have new potentials. The runners will find that the running process has the function of enjoying the body and mind, and the running goal is also being improved, I believe I can run longer and farther...

This is similar to the case in life. When we achieve a goal in life, a new goal is quietly being coming in our life, study or work, so that our life is constantly moving from a level to a new level, for example, graduated from elementary school and entered secondary school, graduated from university and go to graduated or looking for a job...

Life is like a constant long-distance running. In this process, it doesn't matter who's starting line is going forward. You don't need to challenge your limits, you don't need to compete with others, you don't need to have too many skills, you don't need to fight speed, fight strength, unlimited distance... You only need to experience your solid steps for your life, appreciate every footprint of the path you have traveled, appreciate the ups and downs of your life, and start your new life. As your life experience and experience increase, you will more accurately adjust your life goals to make the most effective development of your potential and enjoy your wonderful life.

From this point of view, Persistently insisting on long-distance running is definitely a very beneficial thing to improve your health, your body and mind, and your life goals.

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Running Notes

Every sport or fitness campaign has specific precautions. If you don't do well, it may cause some unexpected injuries and accidents. Running is no exception.

First of all, you should choose a pair of running shoes. When you run, there are forefoot in the landing method, and the landing is smooth and the heel is landing. The continuous impact during running makes the knee joint bear a lot of pressure. This is why the knee injury has become the number one pain for the public runners. One of the important incentives. If the choice of running shoes is not good, the soles of the feet or knees are easily injured. The biggest effect of running shoes is not to run faster, but to cushion the impact on the soles of the feet and knees during running.

Secondly, the amount of exercise should not be too large. The amount of exercise includes exercise time and exercise intensity, that is, the running speed should not be too fast. As a running process of fitness exercise, excessive exercise may bring muscle or limb hurt, fatigue and need too much rest to restore physical strength. These are contrary to the purpose of running.

The third should retain the warm-up exercise before running, so that all parts of the body can be soothed and relaxed, so that the bare wrists, legs, hips, waist and shoulders get different levels of pre-running exercise in case a part is injured.

Finally, do not end the exercise immediately after completing the run, you also need to do some simple exercises to calm the body from the state of motion. Because the blood circulation in the process of intensification increases, suddenly stopping to exercise the body will have some discomfort, so as not to cause other problems. Because the loss of water is inevitable during running, don't forget to drink some water if you are thirsty.

Of course, there are other considerations. As a sports enthusiast, you can summarize and constantly adjust your rules of exercise in constant exercise.

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Running Activity

Running is a person's sport. It is not a competitive sport. Compared with other sports, running does not require venues, clothing, teammates, and any sports props. It only needs a pair of shoes and one road can go free. The road and the climate and environment where you can stay outdoors, Running can also be carried out on an indoor treadmill if possible.

Due to the consistency of upper and lower limb movements during running, it is usually accompanied by regular swinging of the arms forward and backward or up and down. The breathing is deepened and accelerated, the heartbeat and blood circulation are accelerated, the oxygen consumption in the body is increased, the heart and lung fatigue is reduced, and the physical strength is maintained. It is beneficial to increase the metabolism of new towns in the body.

Running is mostly carried out in the wild, so it is also a boring often, which also requires the runners to live in loneliness and not be distracted from other matters. The control of the amount of running is also very important, including the speed and time of running. These two poor controls will make the running less effective, and at the same time perhaps lead to the consequences of "can not run" or "do not want to run."

Any exercise needs the gradual progress, perseverance, no matter at any time and place, as long as your feet move, it will play a role in consumption of fat, lower blood sugar, increase metabolism, prevent disease, bodybuilding, and physical fitness etc.

Everything is difficult at the beginning, as long as you persist for a while, you will generally feel the benefits of running.

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